Sherwin Lim

Creative Director @ EYECONZ MEDIA LLP

If the magnitude of your voice says anything about the proficiency of your business, then the design of your website spells everything about your personality. Being a business owner is a twenty-four hour job and running a business requires a twenty-four hour discipline. So you wouldn’t necessary want everything to stall the moment you leave your office. Some time, some place, there will be someone who is searching for something that your trade demands. Being accessible is fundamental to fulfilling that opportunity for those prospects to want to read more about you. And when you do, these first minutes of engagement become detrimental for when they turn from an interested lead to a paying client. So there’s a science to this. And the personality of your business plays a big part to understanding the chemistry to those initial moments of enquiry. How approachable your website is, determines how friendly the architecture of your business is to fulfilling the hesitations they have in utilising the machine you call your business. After you have determined how the infrastructure of functionality has been anchored, the charisma of your business should exude the charm of your sale.

Trends are fundamental changes that happen in the industry that determines the relationship between a business and the world around them. And whilst engaging a Web Design company can be a pretty daunting task, you know you’re also searching for a relationship that could best bring out the personality of your brand without compromising the integrity of your business.

Our Creative Services:

+ Web Design
+ Graphic Desgin
+ Illustrations
+ Art Direction


  • RESONATE your Online Brand
  • YOUR BRAND Charisma should always evolve with your ambitions
  • SEASONALLY Reinvent your Online Story

Every Brand has a voice, like every every good story needs to be told