Cyrus Yung

SEO Specialist @ Ascelade Pte Ltd

Businesses always need to drive traffic to their websites and covert them into leads.
Ascelade helps businesses in Singapore to generate consistent customers using the Ascelade system. This gives businesses a piece of mind when it comes to finding customers.
At Ascelade, we have created a business lead generator methodology to help businesses increase their sales through the search engines.
For instance, if you want to flourish within the fishing industry, you may have to use the fastest and biggest fishing vessels, also taking into board the most experienced fishermen, fishing rods, fishing lines or fishing nets to catch the best fishes. However, the problem that lies ahead is that many don’t know where the fishes that they are targeting are located. In order to locate the best fishes, fishermen needs to use a kind of specialized sonar that will help them locate the best fishes. Using this same analogy in the sphereof business, Ascelade is like the sonar that will help your business to locate the right type of customers to your website.
There’s a popular saying “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. Ascelade is here tobe of assistanceto each and every individual client. Our mission is to track what’s working and what’s not.

TheAscelade methodology is represented below;
Stage 1: Find targeted audience
Stage 2: Increase Client’s Online Presence Track
Stage 3: Test & Improve
Stage 4: Repeat Stage 1 to 3 again
You should engage Ascelade if you are working to achieve the following goals;
1) Want to increase your website/blog traffic;
2) Want to increase your online presence;
3) Want to increase your business revenue;
4) Want to increase your website’s conversion to leads.
Here are Ascelade’s values 
• Integrity
• Mastery
• Flexibility
• Effectiveness

Search Engine Optimsation Specialist

  • 1st Page Google Ranking
  • Business Lead Generation
  • Targeted Online Traffic To Your Business
Your Online Success is Our Business