Arun Karthikeyan

Software Developer @ Asalta Technologies Pte Ltd

“Design is not only how it looks; but also how it works” – Steve Jobs

There are hundreds of tech companies in the city. Why Asalta Technologies?

At Asalta Technologies we don’t believe in “selling” software to our clients. We believe in creating value to our client’s business. We are determined to provide the best possible end-to-end solution for our client which will save time, improve productivity, and increase our client’s business revenue.

Our motive is not to make money. It is to help our clients have a smooth and automated business so they get more money as a result of our work.

Would Asalta Technologies work for startups?

“There has always been dreamers; few dream about the dream; few work for their dream to come true.” – Arun Karthikeyan

At Asalta Technologies we engineer startups Dreams’ to come true.

What kind of technology solutions does Asalta Technologies provide?

Our consultants carefully analyse and assess the business pain points and develop tailored and customized software solutions based on clients budgets to help business to improve efficiency, productivity and increase business revenue.

“First rule of Technology is that when an automation is implemented in an efficient operation, magnifies efficiency.
Second rule of Technology is that when an automation implemented in an inefficient operation, magnifies inefficiency. ” – Bill Gates

We make sure we provide the best technology solution for your business.

What industry verticals have you worked for?

We have provided best technology solutions in areas of

  • Customer relationships
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Appointment and booking
  • Human resource
  • Staff commission automation
  • Payroll automation
  • Business workflow automatons
  • Inventory management
  • Point of Sale management
  • Accounting integration’s
  • Email / SMS Marketing integration’s
  • And much much more…

Who are Asalta Technologies referrals?

  • Business still using excel spread sheet to manage their business operation
  • Business looking to automate their business operations more efficiently
  • Partners and Re-sellers

Software Developer

Customised Software Development

  • CRM- Customer Relationship Management
  • Management Systems- PAYROLL Management System
  • HRM- Human Resource Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
Clients can get several GRANTs for their projects with us!
Providing Technologies for Productive Business