Cheryl Mok

Assistant Manager (IP and Business Development) @ Yuen Law LLC

Yuen Law LLC is an award winning boutique law firm specialising in the solving legal issues relating to commercial, corporate, intellectual, private client and private wealth.
We are experienced in cross border and overseas transactions and have a robust network of strategic alliances throughout the world.
At the heart of the practice lies the conviction that upholding the highest ideals of the legal profession necessarily means a practice founded on the principles of arete, integrity and professionalism. These are tenets that guide our practice as we focus on delivering prompt, accurate and practical legal advice and services. By adopting a keen understanding and sense of our clients, we seek to actively partner each client to meet their unique legal needs.
Our expertise covers the following areas:
Corporate/ Commercial Practise:
• General corporate/commercial advisory
• Corporate Restructuring
• Business succession
• Employment
• Corporate/commercial actions
• Joint ventures
• Franchising
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Shareholders’ agreements
• Distribution, manufacturing and sale agreements
• Rights issues
• Private placements
• Takeovers
• Incorporation of companies
• Registration of businesses
• Advisory to charitable organisations
• Tenancies
Intellectual Property Practise:
• Corporate transactions, including sale and purchase of IP assets.
• Licensing, franchising and assignments
• Technology transfers
• International and domestic registration of IP rights
• Enforcement of IP rights.
• Protection and commercialization of IP assets
• Handling objections and oppositions
• IP portfolio management and strategy
• Confidentiality and non-disclosure arrangements
• Collaboration agreements
• Sponsorship and endorsement arrangements
Private Client Services
• Wills and probate
• Drafting of wills, trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and settlements;
• Estate Planning
• Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration applications
• Resealing of Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration
• Advisory on succession
• Deed Poll
• Adoption proceedings
• Immigration matters
• Formation of registered societies
Real Estate and Conveyancing
• Sale and purchase of properties
• Leasing of properties
• International property transactions
• Landlord and tenant matters
• Acquisitions, joint ventures involving real estate
• Property management advisory

Practice Areas:

  • Commercial Contractual Laws
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • Conveyancing
  • Wills and Probate

Past Clients:

  • F & B
  • Manufacturers, and distributors
  • Law firms (overseas and locals)
  • Private Individuals, Celebrities
  • Private Education Organisations
  • Listed Companies